The Hamilton Club provides a congenial atmosphere for like-minded Members and guests to meet and relax in a unique historical environment.  The Club welcomes suitable men and women for membership. There are various membership categories, including Full Member, Associate Member, Under 40 Member and Members that are geographically distanced from the Club.

While Members are mainly from western Victoria, a number of Members live interstate or overseas. Originally Members were drawn from the pastoral industry and the professions but now the membership has become more diverse with Members from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

The driving force behind the establishment of the Hamilton Club was the first secretary, Alfred Tennyson Dickens, fourth son of novelist Charles Dickens. His father described Alfred as “a remarkable character, a combination of self-reliance, steadiness and adventurous spirit whom I had always proposed to send abroad”. Our library, which includes an extensive selection of books on the Western District, its families and agriculture, is named after Alfred Tennyson Dickens.

For more information about the Hamilton Club, please contact the Manager.